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Customer Testimonials for Grapevine Motors

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Ethan Segal - 1997 Ford F250 Crew

Honesty and Trustworthiness are the most valuable traits for a pre-owned/used car dealer can have and that is what has been portrayed to me with Grapevine Motors. Stacey and Tim have been wonderful to deal with and exemplify what is "correct, good and responsible". Stacey went out of her way to help out and was most gracious. I wish Tim and his crew all the best and for a most productive 2016 and beyond . . . definitely would buy from them again.

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Edward Lee - 2005 Ford Mustang

Very honest loving people. They helped me get my favorite car they where straight forward with me about the car. Worked with me on the price that I could afford and went above and beyond to make sure it was inspected,cleaned from inside out and in excellent condition a must go to place for a vehicle you won't get a better set of people to purchase a car from.

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Carol Priest - 2008 Dodge 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel

Stacey, my son, Bryan is loving this 2008 dodge you sold us. he put the 35 wheels and tires, and he cleaned it up nicely and plans to add new side steps and exhaust. looks nice, but of course, not practical to us, but he loves it. we really appreciate all you did for us, and we may return someday and will send others to the lot. dont work to hard and thank you again, carol priest

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Seth Hearn - 2003 Subaru Outback

My family has bought several cars from this dealer over the past several years. All have been quality vehicles. The dealer is honest and helpful, and I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle. I currently own a Subaru Outback purchased from this dealer; the car is in great shape mechanically and drives smoothly. 5/5 for the dealer.

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Carla Tschosik - 2001 Lexus ES 300

That '01 Lexus Es300 is the best car I have ever owned. In stipe of that repair you did after I bought it. I was able to call you on your cell phone and you immediately jumped into action. The tow and repair was free!! At first I was concerned about the 218k miles, but now that I driven this car, I am impressed, this is a very nice car. I will always recommend you. Best $4000 I spent! Thank you, Tim. Carla T CaliLove TCLP CaliLov

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Jeff Neuse - Apology 2002 Honda Accord

This email is for Tim Miller. Tim, last year I came in looking for a trade on my 2006 Scion XA. I test drove a 2002 Honda Accord and enjoyed it. We later made a deal and I said I wanted to take it. It wouldn't be available for another week, though, because it needed some work (airbag light was on, seat belt issue, something else). I ended up calling one day saying that I appreciated the offer but I found another deal. Though this was true, I don't want you to think it was any reflection of my experience with you or Grapevine Motors. Your lot has an incredible reputation and honestly it will be the next place I go to when I'm ready to get another vehicle. In confession, I actually look over the website once in a while to see what kind of cars are in and sometimes consider trading my current one for something good that I see. You were a great person to communicate with and your reputation will bring me back in the future, sir. Thank you, -Jeff Neuser

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Jennifer Marvel - 2005 Pontiac Montana

Outstanding experience with this dealer. These folks are honest and trustworthy, and will do everything they can to help you out. Honestly, I was not impressed when I first arrived on the lot - but don't let first impressions fool you. This is not a glossy, fancy, new-car-dealership kind of place. Nobody's wearing suits and they're not out to sweet-talk and pressure you like those dealerships. They're down-to-earth, good people. I found the car I wanted online, and when I got to the lot, the car was exactly as described, in awesome shape considering the age and mileage, and available at the price quoted. If you need financing, they'll work hard to get you the best possible deal. No behind-the-scenes-let-me-talk-to-my-manager garbage that I've dealt with at some dealers, either. They will also give you a full vehicle report (like a Carfax report) before you buy so you can see if there have been any previous issues. I took the car for a full inspection the day I bought it, and my mechanic was impressed with the condition. I did have a problem with the car just two days after that (a broken cable - relatively common at that mileage and not something you could see or predict ahead of time, the full inspection didn't even catch it), but Tim took care of it and I am absolutely loving my "new-to-me" vehicle. I highly recommend this dealership.

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Casey Findley - 2006 Ford F2520

SECOND CAR from Grapevine Motors. I purchased a VOLVO first and now a VERY nice reliable FORD. I can only trust STACEY and TIM to ALWAYS treat me fairly and with justified class. I am NOT a paid personnel, nor will I receive anything in return for this post. GOOD PEOPLE need to be recognized. GREAT PEOPLE need to be published and raved about. These people from mechanical to quality to price will ALWAYS be my dealership. I would honestly not rate any other dealership as well as I have this one. Whether you need help with finance or a GOOD SOLID cash car - GO SEE Grapevine Motors. THEY are NOT pushy. You will need to ask yourself to drive the vehicles, because they hate the typical salesman mega car dealership mentality.

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Rudi - 2010 Ford F150

Oct 5, 2014 Dealer told me the condition of the car without holding back any problems.

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